Glass or Plastic Blender Jar

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With a market abundant in technologically advanced smoothie blender models it can be a challenge to choose the best model to suit your needs. This post tries to clarify at least one key aspect in the process: should you buy a Glass or Plastic Blender Jar?

Some years ago, glass was the prefered material for most kitchen appliences. But glass is heavier and also easier to break. That is why replacing it with plastic seemed the winning solution at some point. Although plastic has many benefits and incredible durability, scientific studies showed that some plastic combinations had a dangerous compound-BPA,  eliminated when heating the recipient containing this material. Before you panic, you should know that health professionals consider the amount of toxins in the plastic items not dangerous. They consider the amount of BPA transmitted in foods and drinks stored in plastic containers too small to cause health problems. Even so, for improved safety, research continues.

Glass or Plastic Blender Jar ?

In conclusion, the decision to choose a glass or plastic blender jar is reduced to a matter of style and personal jar blender 1

Glass Jar Blenders Advantages:

  • Great durability
  • Increased scratch resistance( particularly handy if you plan on frequently using ice for your smoothies and other beverages)
  • No impact on the food
  • Perfect transparencyglass jar blender
  • Environment friendly: good recyclability
  • It does not absorb food odors

Some disadvantages, although few they are worth mentioning: they are heavier, they will break if dropped and usually blenders with glass jars are a bit pricier than those using plastic jars.

Plastic Jar Blenders Advantages:

  • Incredible sturdiness over timeplastic blender jar 1
  • They provide improved safety: plastic jars are shatter proof
  • Lower price
  • Preservs flavours better
  • It can be recycled
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Some disadvantages are : they can get scratched easily, you have to pay attention for BPA-free models in order to protect your health and they can absorb smells of the foods they process, especially if you leave them in the blender for a while (ex: you make a spicy sauce or chop garlic).


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