How to Clean a Blender

When preparing smoothies, things can get messy, especially inside the blender jar: the ingredients are thoroughly crushed and some remain in the mixing bowl after pouring the content in a glass to serve- usually sticky fruit and vegetable particles.  The more you let them dry the more difficult is the cleaning. Check out this post for advice and simple tips on how to clean a blender.


7 Tips on How to Clean a Blender

Before starting, always perform a safety check and make sure your blender is unplugged!

Tip 1: Clean the blender immediately

Many people pour their smoothies in glasses and let the blender jug dirty for a long time. This is bad because the moisture evaporates and the dirt fixes on the wall of the cup. It is best to rinse the jug directly after use with simple, running water to get most of the dirt out.

rinse blender jar

Tip 2: Run the blender with some water in it

Sometimes small particles stick in the range of the cutting blades and can not be washed off directly. It is advisable to first roughly rinse the jug with water and then fill it up with some water and optionally detergent and let the blades rotate again: the particles are released into the water. You can rinse the blender afterwards and hopefully it is done.

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Cleaning a blender

Tip 3: Clean the jar thoroughly, regularly

Merely rinsing the blender is not enough on the long run, especially when using sticky ingredients like sugar/ honey or in order to avoid bacteria build up. When you use it daily, you should thoroughly clean it at least once per week. To do this right, read the user manual to learn which rinsing or cleaning agents are permitted and compatible with the material of the container.

If the blender jar is wide enough, it is relatively simple to reach the bottom with a sponge. The narrow bowls require an extension, that can be purchased from most general stores, to reach the tank and properly clean the blades.

 Tip 4: Hot water kills bacteria

Fill the blender jar with warm or hot water (80 degrees Celsius should not be exceeded -if in doubt check the user manual), add a few drops of a neutral pH detergent, place the bowl on the motor base, seal the cover over it and start the blender leaving to work for about 40 seconds.

Tip 5: Dishwasher

First, make sure that the jar is dishwasher safe. Some models made of glass or stainless steel can not be cleaned in a dishwasher without the risk of breaking or damaging their materials. If you have a blender with removable blades, remove them and place them in a special bag for small items. Place the bowl and then start a normal cleaning cycle.


Tip 6: Clean the Base

The base, the central element of the blender, that contains the motor, should certainly not be immersed in water but you should still clean it. Just use a soft cloth immersed in little water with soap and wipe carefully. Take a second to also pass a dry cloth over it again to leave the base of your blender dry.
clean a blender

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Tip 7: Do not neglect the cover

Remember to also clean the cover of the blender and the rubber ring ( or the area where the sealing takes place).


After following these cleaning tips leave the jar of the blender over a dry cloth to get rid of any water or moisture. Assemble the pieces together and store it until future use.

Carefully following these few tips for cleaning your appliance will help you save time and use of your blender in best conditions for a long time. In addition, these maintenance methods do not generate any risk to hurt your fingers!